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Vincere 2020 Updates
v14.1 March '20 Release | Core, Engage & Pay & Bill
v14.1 March '20 Release | Core, Engage & Pay & Bill

New Export Scheduler, Supercharged Onboarding & Checks, Improved File Management & more.

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Pay & Bill ⚡

a. Select fields and customize report formats
b. Export job applications, placements and pay & bill data only
c. Export via email, .CSV or SFTP
d. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly export runs

ATS / CRM ✨ 

2/ Supercharged Onboarding & Checks
a. Set up industry-specific doc packs
b. Submitted files sync to new Onboarding tab
c. Onboarding & Checks section for Offer and Placements
d. Send confirmation and verified docs to Contacts (Booking doc)
e. New send 'Interview doc check declaration' | Interview stage 

a. All documents in one place
b. Manage document expiry dates and notifications
c. Filterable columns & links to entities

a. Take actions from radius search
b. More details on candidate preview: Time since last activity, ratings
c. View up to 50 results at once

7/ Custom Wildcards | Document Builder
a. Create custom wildcards & use in document templates

8/ More wildcards | Document Builder & Email Templates
a. Monthly Salary
b. Monthly Salary Desired
c. Contact Preferred Name
d. Location
d. Trading Name

9/  Branch
a. Create branches to group records
b. New branch column  for ATS, CRM & Advanced Search
c. Search by Branch

10/ Sub Industries
a. Create & tag entities with Sub Industries
b. Search by Sub Industry

11/ Color-coding for Brands
a. Create & tag brands to records
b. Search & Filter by brands in ATS, CRM & Advanced Search

12/ Bulk update record ownership
a. Ability to bulk update ownership of entities
b. Logged in Activity as comments

13/ Bulk open and close jobs
a. Ability to bulk open and close jobs
b. Add reason for closing jobs
c. Logged in Activity as comments

14/ Blacklisting Candidates & Contacts
a. New Status: Active / Passive / Do Not Contact / Blacklisted
b. Status updates logged in Activities
c. New column in ATS, CRM & Advanced search
d. Search by Status

15/ Updates to Cost of Sales

16/ Search by 'Reg Date' in Advanced Search
a. For consistency, 'Created Date' renamed to 'Reg Date'
b. Ability to search by 'Reg Date' across entities

17/ 'Send compensation details to accounting' action is back | Contract Renew

Engagement Hub ✨

18/ Frequency for job alert notifications
19/ Configure Doc Types
20/ GDPR Updates | Explicit Consent
21/ Enhanced Logo Settings
22/ International phone number prefix
23/ Update Availability (links to request availability)
24/ Upload pre-boarding / industry-specific documents

Lands 28 March 2020 🚀

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