You can tag Status on a Candidate or Contact's profile.

Choose from one of these statuses: 

  1. Active

  2. Passive

  3. Do Not Contact

  4. Blacklisted

Select candidate(s) > Actions > Update status 

Status updates will be logged in Activities of the profile:

With the status label, you'll be able to:

  • Add column 'Status' in the ATS, CRM & Advanced search tables

  • Search by Status


In line with this new 'Status' label, we have:

  • renamed the 'Active/Passive' field ( previously available prior to v14.1 release) to 'Status'

  • 'Do not call' value in Stage (highest) field is now obsolete 

  • if the Stage (highest) field is ‘Do not call’, we’ve tagged Do Not Contact as the Status in your account

Any questions, please reach out to us.

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