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Tracking 2+ interview in Vincere
Tracking 2+ interview in Vincere
Make it clear which round your candidate is up to
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In Vincere, there are 2 interview Chevrons, but you can schedule more than 2 interviews.

1st Interview - Tracks the number of candidates who are in the 1st interview stage.

2nd+ Interview - Tracks candidates who are in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th interview and so on...

There are 2 ways you can track candidates who have gone past the 2nd interview.

  1. Sub status

  2. Interview round column

1. Sub status

To set the substates, you first need to select the candidates currently in the 2nd+ interview stage. To do this, you can click on the pending number in the 2nd+ Interview Chevron

A. Substates via the action list

To do this, just select the candidate you want to track, and the action list will open. From here, you can select the candidate substatus to indicate the interview stage beyond the 2nd interview.

Note: You cannot do this in bulk

B. Substates through Columns

You can also add the Sub status Column in the table view and change the status by clicking the sub status field.

To setup a sub-statuses for 3rd and 4th interviews, you can follow our help article on setting sub-statuses.

2. Interview Round column

You can also add the interview round Column by clicking the Table views & Configuration button, and adding the Interview round column in the table view

The interview round column will indicate the number of interviews the application is currently on.

Note: You can book up to 15 interviews per application.

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