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Vincere Report 16 | Dec ' 19 Updates
Vincere Report 16 | Dec ' 19 Updates

Drill down Goals by Candidate Owner, New date filters & updated Deferred Fees calculations

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1/ Goals Dashboard - Filter Activities by Candidate Owner

We have now added a new filter on the Goals dashboard to view activities owned by a candidate owner. 

Note: If there is more than 1 candidate owner, this filter will only take into account the primary owner. 

If there’s no candidate owner, this will not be counted when we use filter by candidate owner and this will be shown as 0 in the Goals dashboard.


2/ Deferred Fees - Updated formula for Active Days remaining 

For Temp/Contract Jobs:
Days Remaining = End Date - Today

For Permanent Jobs:
Days Remaining = Start Date - Today

3/ Deferred Fees - Filter Date

We can now filter all the active placements (starters & active) and view the fees based on the selected date. This is all applicable for temps/contract/permanent placements.

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