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Understanding the default Candidate Sources in Vincere
Understanding the default Candidate Sources in Vincere

Setting up Candidate Sources? Here's a quick overview of the default sources

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These are the default Candidate Sources you get in Vincere:

  1. Auto Parsed - Candidates created from CVs/Resumes parsing

  2. Data Import - Candidate imported into Vincere via our CSV import & templates

  3. Dova  - Candidates received into Vincere via the Dova Job board (for Japan)

  4. Indeed - Candidates received or added via Indeed Job Board

  5. Instant Job Board - Candidates received via the Engagement Hub

  6. Seek - Candidates received via Seek Job board

  7. Volcanic - Candidates received via your Volcanic website

  8. Zapier - Candidates created coming from any integration made via Zapier


These candidate sources that are categorized as Apps and are default in the system. 

At the moment, you cannot delete, rename or hide any of these as they are hard coded and linked to specific functions in Vincere or any of our integrations.

❓ Want to know the specific differences between Auto parsed, Data import & Instant Job Board Candidate source? Read this.

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