Invoice Tracking

How to track invoice status (including payment status)

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Tracking your invoices in Vincere is super easy. Head over to Pay & Bill on the bar menu or click on the Invoices tab

If you don’t see Pay&Bill as an option, please contact your administrator.

From here, you can view and edit invoices, check the status and scroll across the screen to get all the invoicing info you need a searchable & filterable table view.

To view the full invoice, simply click in the row which takes you straight into the invoice.

After an invoice has been Approved & Sent, you’ll be able to add payment to the invoice. Simply click on ‘Add payment’ and you’ll see a pop-up like so:

All you need to do is input the payment received and Vincere automatically tracks the status for you. 

To get a quick view of all invoices by status. Use the column filters in the table to see only invoices filtered by:

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