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Table View and Smart View configuration
Table View and Smart View configuration

Filters designed to streamline your recruitment needs

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Your Table Views can be filtered and adjusted in the style that suits you best for work.

This is possible across all entities such as Candidates, Contacts and Jobs. Doing this will save you time and money! Take a minute to look through this article and learn how to change your tables:

The following are the options available to customize your Table View. If you would like to jump to a specific section please click below:

  1. Smart View (Saved table Views)

1. Filters

Click on the filters icon to filter with the 3 following options available:

Filter by Jobs:

Here you can select who’s jobs you want to see, such as your whole team’s or your own. You can filter by job type and even job status to assist you in creating a view more adapted to your needs.

🔥Pro Tip: You can also filter down here by Company and Contact too - great if you're managing a particular account.

Filter by Candidates:

If you're working in a team you can select My Team’s Candidates to only see candidates owned by your whole team. If you prefer to see only the candidates you have ownership with you can click My Candidates. Using these filters will give you a personalized view.

🔥PRO TIP: If you want to see archived (once deleted candidates) candidates scroll to the bottom and unselect Hide archived Candidates. This will load archived candidates into your table view!

Filter by Applications:

Here you can filter down the actioned date up to 5 years or older of when the candidate was added to Vincere.

2. Columns

Columns are available to customize in all Tabs such as Candidates, Jobs, and contacts. The list of columns will come with boxes next to them and if you want to see them in your table view simply tick the box. Each Tab involves different information so the available columns will change.

You have the option to “ Select all” columns, “Deselect all” columns, or even “Reset” to your original smart view if you didn't like the changes you've made.

To customize your table view even further you can drag and drop columns into a more desired position. This will let you see the most important columns first! Please look below to see how it's done!

Most columns can be customized even further!

You are able to select more than one option when filtering columns! Use keywords and a small built in search to customize further. Some available keywords are “contains” “starts with” “is equal to” “is not equal to”. Play with the available options to increase your efficiency when searching:

3. Smart Views

Recruiting for Perm? Trying to grab that amazing contractor? Working on a retained role? Different recruitment processes have different needs and that's why you need the ability to view different types of information right in front of you. Smart Views will allow you to save multiple custom table views!

With Vincere's custom table view you can sift and sort through hundreds of columns and decide what's important for you to see...

Head to columns and choose the columns you would like to see. Then select the Smart View tab to give it a name e.g. Default, Contract or Perm etc and then click the Save icon and you're good to go:

You can have as many Smart Views as you like and easily switch between - perfect if you're working on several different job types at the same time. If you tick the box, it means this will be your default table view each time you login to Vincere but you can of course easily change this by clicking a new view or unclicking your current view to set back to system default.

🔥Pro Tip: Take advantage of the built in system Smart Views for each Tabs. If it's close but not perfect you can adjust it a little and save it under a new name! Click HERE for a Smart View used for compliance management where document expirations are in the front of your view!

Click HERE for specific information on your Company Table View

Click HERE for Specific information on your Candidate Table View

Customize your experience #TheVincereWay 🙌

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