V12.11 August ‘19 Release | Core & Pay & Bill

New enhancements to across all products: CRM / ATS, Middle Back Office, TimeTemp, & Zapier

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Progressing candidates straight to the Placement stage with the new ‘Place’ action (without having to first shortlist the candidate to the job). 

You’ll be able to make quick placements in two ways:
a. ATS - From within a Candidate Profile
b. ATS - From within the Job Profile

2/ User Interface Updates 

New improved layouts & Chevron Color Updates

A number of UI based improvements have been made in order to keep the look and feel of Vincere, fresh, intuitive and more user friendly. 

These updates have been added to:

a. ID & Pipeline placement.
b. Social icons.
c. New color palette.

Additionally, in keeping a consistent flow across the Vincere system, the chevron colors have also been updated to match with the contact, candidate and company color scheme.

New AI dashboard utilises Machine Learning on data collected from your usage of Vincere over the last 12 months to automatically generate goals and ratios. Set the revenue target in the goal console and our algorithm will do the rest.

For more information on how this new dashboard works click HERE

4/ Finance | Invoice Dashboard

This new dashboard provides you with a full overview of all information surrounding your placements and ultimately revenue. 

The new analytics dashboard specifically focuses on: 

  1. Placements

  2. Timesheets

  3. Starters/Finishers

  4. Invoice data

N.B: Profit Splits coming soon. 

Middle Back Office ⚡

There are now more Pay Rule options for you to choose from to apply to placements - this also shows in TimeTemp

a. New Rule Type called ‘Part of Day’: This allows you to set a specific Pay Rule for a period in a day e.g 20:00 - 00:00 and apply a Pay Rule against that.
b. Period Options: Days (all days), Days (weekdays), Public Holiday, Onsite, Offsite
c. Pay rule exceptions: this allows you to set rule exceptions to override General pay rules

For candidates who are set up as LTD co. or Corporations, as well as being able to input their company name and number, you can now enter their company location too. 

When you create a new purchase invoice you will now see the following fields:

a. Job
b. Candidate
c. Pay Type
d. Candidate Company Name

NOTE: This does not apply to retrospectively created invoices

You are now able to assign profit splits per invoice. You can accurately see the profit per consultant - this also feeds through to the new “Finance | Invoices” Report in analytics.

You can now turn off the home currency option so that it doesn’t show in placements and invoices

You can now undo placements you have made.

When you undo a placement:
a. The contract will be deleted from TimeTemp
b. Any Managers, Employees and Recruiter accounts associated with the Job will be removed from TimeTemp
c. Any unsubmitted timesheets will be deleted
d. Related draft invoices will be deleted

You can undo temporary, contract and permanent placements.

NOTE: If related invoices are in Approved status (or further), undo-ing a placement will not be allowed.

From September this will also link up with your analytics for accurate reporting.

You can now see all the ID numbers related to the placement:
a. Application ID
b. Placement ID
c. Candidate ID
d. Job ID

11/ Duplication labels

Allow for duplicate naming/labels for Tax in Invoice Settings (under the Tax tab):
a. Update to allow user to create labels with the same name.
b. Update creating a new label, by adding a validation message to tell the user not to add a % symbol - numeric field only


This is a highly requested App and we’re happy to share that Vincere is now available in Zapier’s Early Access Mode.

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