Did you know that you can filter down your Vincere database to pinpoint the information that you are looking for? 

Simple and intuitive is key designed to streamline your processes and only show the information you want to see. 

ATS Filters

Click on the settings icon to filter (3 cogs):

  • Jobs
  • Candidates 
  • Applications

Filter Jobs: 

Filter jobs by:

By Job Type:

🔥Pro Tip: You can also filter down here by Company and Contact too - great if you're managing a particular account. 

Filter by Candidates:

Candidate Created Date: 

Candidate Job Type:

Filter by Applications - Here you can filter down the actioned date up to 5 years or older of when the candidate was added to Vincere.

Important : You can toggle between the candidates tab and the jobs tab and view the same filtering options. 

Filter away to success 

#TheVincereWay 🙌

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