How to send Bulk Emails

You need to send generic email to your ad hoc list for a potential role? Vincere got your back!

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How to send Bulk Emails in Vincere? 🤔

There are 3 different methods of sending out bulk emails inside Vincere.

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⭕ Candidate/Contact Table View

To send bulk emails via Candidate/ Contact Table View please follow the steps ⬇️

  1. From the table view, you can send a mass email to both Candidates and Contacts. you can select up to 100 Candidates or Contacts to whom you want to send the email.


  • Make sure that all your Contacts or Candidates have a valid email address or are subscribed when sending bulk emails to prevent a high bounce rate.

  • Make sure your email is connected with Vincere.

📂 Additional information

Access your Talent Pools from the Candidates table or use Distribution Lists to easily send mass emails.

⭕ Advanced Search

To send bulk emails via Advanced Search please follow the steps ⬇️

  • Go to Advanced Search for Candidates or Contact and similar to the Candidate table view simply check the box next to your desired Candidates(s)/Contact(s) and hit actions > Email. 

💡Quick Tip: You can change the number of candidates or contacts in the Advanced Search Table View by clicking on 'Items per page' right down on the screen.

⭕ MailChimp

MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform helping you to find an audience, engage your customers, and build your brand

  • It's super easy to manage your email campaigns with the Vincere x MailChimp integration which allows you to export up to 10,000 Candidates/Contacts each time!
    ​📌 For more information on MailChimp Click here

⭕ Using other marketing automation systems?

You can connect Vincere to many other apps you already love via Zapier. This means that you can trigger your marketing platform to send bulk emails for you when an event e.g new candidate added to Talent Pool occurs in Vincere.

Happy Recruitment #TheVinnyWay🤩

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