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Email Permission/Subscription
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To comply with the best email marketing practices, you can now add unsubscribe links to your emails. When one of your contacts or candidates click on the unsubscribe link, they’ll be automatically opted out of receiving any bulk emails sent from Vincere.

 Here’s what you can do:

GDPR Settings

You can set up the default setting for all contacts/candidates you add in the system. To do this, you can go to Settings > Admin Settings > GDPR l Data Privacy > Email permission settings > Edit

Here, you can set up if you would like to have your contacts and candidates be subscribed or unsubscribed as soon as you add them to Vincere.

Note: The new settings, once applied, will not be retroactively applied to existing records. This change will only affect new records that will be added in the system after the setting is updated.

Bulk Update email permission settings

You can select to up to 300 Candidates or Contacts at a time to update the Email permission, and you can do this in both the table view and advanced search screens.

Action list Email permission for Contact:

Action list Email permission for Candidate:

Add the unsubscribe link to Email templates

 The unsubscribe link is available as a wildcard (#EmailUnsubscribe#) that can be added to your email templates. 

Note: The unsubscribe link will only be available to specific bulk email templates

Request Consent for Email permission

You can also request consent from the candidate, and they will have the option to choose if they want to receive bulk emails from your team. To do this, just select the candidate and choose the Request consent option from the action list.

A candidate will receive an email and when the candidate clicks on this, it will open a page where they can choose to provide

Track & manage email permissions | Compliance

Once a Contact or Candidate clicks on the unsubscribe link, it will be automatically logged against their profile inside Vincere. You can also manually unsubscribe the Contact / Candidate in their profiles.

Changing the Email subscription status of a candidate or contact will now be logged inside the profile activities and consolidates activity table as well

Log activity inside the profile:

Log activity inside the Consolidated activity table:

The change will be logged with the name of the user or candidate/contact who initiated the change.

Search Candidate & Contact’s Email Permission Status

We’ve added in Email Subscription for both Candidate and Contact in Search and in the table view (Contact / Candidate / Application), allowing you to search for who has Subscribed / Unsubscribed / No Email (for Contact only)

To add the Email Subscription column to your Table View, click on Table views & configuration > Columns > Search for Email Subscription > Check the box next to the field.

For Contact's table view:

You can add the Email Subscription column to see the status in the table view

Contacts search in Advanced search

You can use the Boolean search to locate and search for contacts based on their email subscription status

For the Candidate's table view:

Candidate search in Advanced search

You can use the Boolean search to locate and search for candidates based on their email subscription status

Not seeing the email permission section for your candidates?

You can add the email permission settings in your candidate summary layout by following the steps below:

Head to Settings > Field Configuration to enable the field.

For more information on configuring the candidate's summary page click here

Email Templates

Note: Unsubscribing Contacts and candidates will prevent them from receiving certain email templates meant for bulk emails, but they will still receive other emails.

✖ Candidates will stop receiving the following email templates when unsubscribed:

Email Template number



Email in candidates stage -> Candidates


Email in Shortlisted candidates stage -> Candidates


Email in Resumes Sent stage -> Candidates


Email at 1st Interview stage -> Candidates


Email at 2nd+ Interview stage -> Candidates


Email in Advanced Search -> Candidates


Email in Taskboard -> Candidates & Contacts


Email at Offer stage -> Candidates


Email at Placements stage -> Candidates

✖ Contacts will stop receiving the following email templates when unsubscribed:

Email Template number



Email all stages in CRM -> Contacts


Email in Advanced Search -> Contacts


Email in Tasks -> Contacts

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