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Understanding Zapier

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Many of you told us you wanted to automate your business workflows, so we’re delighted to announce that we've launched our (Early Access) Zapier integration. 

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect Vincere to your favorite apps such as AutoPilot, Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, and over 1,500 more. 

Through ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’ you can connect Vincere to these web applications and automate repetitive tasks without the need for any complex coding.

Click here to see the 1500+ web applications that you will be able to connect with Vincere.

What is a Trigger?

A trigger means that when something happens in Vincere, Vincere automatically sends that information to Zapier for it to use in another application (i.e. the cause)

Examples include:

  • [Trigger 1] New Candidate added to Vincere Talent Pool > Add New Contact in Autopilot

  • [Trigger 2] New Contact added to Vincere Distribution List > Add Contact to List in Autopilot

What is an Action?

An Action is an event that follows when a Trigger is fired. (i.e. the effect)

Examples include:

  • Unsubscribe Email in Mailchimp > Unsubscribe Candidate/Contact in Vincere [Action 1] 

  • New Contact Property Change in Hubspot > Unsubscribe Candidate/Contact in Vincere [Action 1] 

📣 It's important that you understand the basics of Zapier before you can start automating your workflows. To learn more about Zapier, click here. 

Ready to get started?

If you're ready to get started with Zapier, here's how you can get started.

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