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Everything you need to know about V12.4

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Hey there Vincerians 👋

OMNI has arrived. 

This release is power-packed with features guaranteed to streamline your processes, reduce costs and accelerate your growth. Boom, boom and yes one more boom!  💥

Now, here’s a quick overview…



Our brand spanking new invoicing module is a guaranteed back-office dream come true. You can now send, track and manage the following types of invoices:

Sales invoice | Purchase invoice | Credit Notes

Here’s what Vincere’s invoicing is capable of: 

✔ Automatic invoice creation:

Vincere automatically creates 2 types of draft invoices (Sales invoice & Purchase invoice) for you to review and take action when:

  • A Permanent placement is made; invoice created based on placement details

  • TimeTemp time-sheets are approved; invoice created based on timesheet details ( more about this in #5: TimeTemp v1.4

✔ Manual invoice creation | Great for retainers

You can also create invoices manually and link it to Job and / or Candidate. This is great if you operate on a retainer model where you invoice in tranches. 

✔Ability to build and customise invoice templates

Out-of-the-box, you get invoice templates fully-branded and ready-to-go. However, with our Document Builder tool, you can customise these templates to suit your needs.

✔ Approve & send invoices to client

✔  Track payment & invoice status

✔ Export Invoice data to CSV

With our invoicing module, you can also export invoice data to CSV. Jump to section 4: Self-serve CSV Export to learn more.

2. Contract Renewal Management

If you manage Temps and Contractors, this is a feature you’ll love. We’re giving you the ability to manage contracts throughout their lifecycle - from contract generation through to renewal and/or termination. 

Here’s what you can do:

✔ Ability to renew contracts

Renewing the contract extends the application and placement date. 

✔ Ability to terminate contracts

Terminating a contract allows you to change the end date as termination date and sends the candidate a termination email.

✔ Track & filter by Renewal Status | Renewal Stage

Know the status of the contract instantly with the ‘Renewal Status’ table column.

✔ Access contracts quickly and easily | File library

In the Infinity Release, we introduced the File Library, and it’s perfect for Contract management because this means all your contracts and supporting documents are stored in one easily searchable, secure contract repository. No more hunting!

✔ Get contracts signed fast

Keen to get a quick signature for your contracts? Here’s a bonus for you, with our shiny new SignRequest integration, you’ll be able to get your contract signed electronically. Fully secure and legally binding. Jump to SignRequest section here. 

3. Approval Process | Offers

Want your offers to be approved before they are sent out? We’ve got that covered in this release. 

Before users can send offers to a candidate, the chosen approver will need to approve the offer either via email or inside Vincere. After the offer has been approved, users can go ahead and proceed forward to send the finalised offer to the candidate!

Here’s what we’ve added:

✔ Option to enable offer approval workflows 

If you need an approval stage? Turn on the Approval workflow in Admin Settings. From there, you’ll be able to select users as default approvers.

✔ Option to send automatic reminders

Tell Vincere when you’d like to send reminders to the approvers. The email is of course fully customisable by you.

✔ Ability to specify approver per Job

See the approval process in action: 

4. Self-serve CSV Export |  Applications & Invoice

Want to export Application & Invoice data? You can get it done in 2 easy steps:

  1. Define a file name

  1. Select a timeframe

You can select from the dropdown options or define a custom range.

When the export is completed, your files will be available for download in the Download List.

⛔️Important: This export functionality is only available to users with Data Export permission enabled.


For this release, Vincere only supports ad-hoc, manual exports but in the next release scheduled for Q4, you’ll be able to set export schedules and get Vincere talking to other systems via SFTP sever. 

5. TimeTemp v1.4 

We've added a bunch of upgrades and enhancements to TimeTemp - our integrated online timesheet module:


This is the first dashboard users see when they log into TimeTemp, whether you're a Recruiter, Manager (your client) or Employee (your candidate). The Scheduler gives an instant overview of the work schedule and shifts:

  • contract not started

  • working days

  • public holidays

  • leave pending

  • leave approved 

  • not rostered

As Recruiter Admin, you'll be able to filter by Groups ( Brands | Divisions| Teams), by Job and calendar views ( Week | Month ) - this is your entire workforce visualised on one screen.

You can also use the search bar to quickly look and jump to a selected candidate or employee.

Leave Management

Your Temp/Contract workers will be able to request for leave days in TimeTemp - holiday, sick and vacation days. Once a request is made, the Manager will be notified via email to take action: approve or reject.

"Can I configure the type of leave & set leave limits?"

Yes, you can! From the Compensation & Fees tab on a Job, you'll be able define the Paid Time Off settings and this information will pull through to TimeTemp for calculations.

Your Temp/Contract workers will be able to request for leave based on leave type you've set and get an idea of how many leave days have been used/left whenever they apply for leave. This information is also displayed on the dashboard.

Un approve Timesheet | Recruiter Admin

We've enabled a new superpower for Recruiter Admins - un-approve timesheets.

Invoicing for Temp/Contract Jobs 

Once Timesheets are approved, TimeTemp sends the information back to Vincere and invoices will be automatically created based on the details of the approved timesheet. Don't worry, nothing gets sent out without your approval. Vincere only creates draft invoices which will be waiting for you to review and edit in our Invoicing module. Say goodbye to messy calculations and tedious data entry jobs.

6. Timeclock (Beta) for TimeTemp

If you use TimeTemp, Timeclock is an add-on you’ll love that will help you manage your Temp workforce effortlessly.

Time clock is a clocking and attendance app that syncs with TimeTemp, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Dock this at your front door or reception area for seamless management of your employees. Timeclock displays a branded welcome screen for 2 types of users:

  • For your workers/employees: users can clock-in using QR code or 4-digit PIN. Shifts are recorded automatically and synced to timesheets.

  • If the user is a guest, Timeclock allows your guest to register and an email notification will be sent to someone on your team to receive the guest.


Stay tuned because in the next release, we’ll be rolling out a mobile app for TimeTemp so your temp workers will be able to use TimeTemp right in the palm of their hands:

  • Clock-in / out of shifts

  • View present timesheet: hours scheduled v.s. hours worked

  • Receive push notifications:

  • Timesheets approved / rejected

  • Reminders to submit timesheets

  • New job opportunities

  • Request to update Availability 

7. Unsubscribe 

To comply with best email marketing practices, you can now add unsubscribe links to your emails. When one of your contacts or candidates click on the unsubscribe link, they’ll be automatically opted-out of receiving any emails sent from Vincere.

Here’s what you can do:

✔ Add unsubscribe link

The unsubscribe link is available as a wildcard (#EmailUnsubscribe#) that can be added to your email templates. 

✔ Track & manage email permissions | Compliance

Once a Contact or Candidate clicks on the unsubscribe link, it will be automatically logged against their profile inside Vincere. You can also manually unsubscribe the Contact / Candidate from their profiles.

8. Idibu Integration 

Want to get jobs in front of millions of candidates effortlessly? Turn on Idibu in the Marketplace to leverage idibu’s extensive Job Board network. You can post and manage jobs without having to leave Vincere.

Read our official partnership press release on our Blog here.

If you’d like to get started on Idibu, visit to get started with an account. 

🔥Psst...using Broadbean or LogicMelon? We’ve got some very exciting updates for you. See #11: Flagging Management

9. SignRequest Integration

We’re all about keeping the pipeline moving to help you close deals quickly, we give you SignRequest.

Using SignRequest, you will be able to send out offer letters & contracts to get electronic signatures quickly. So when you get that offer letter signed, you can jump to invoicing and getting paid immediately. For more information about SignRequest, go to 

10. Temp & Contract Dashboard

This new dashboard allows you to easily track and manage your Temps and Contractors. Here you can track things like your active contract book, splits, billing and deferred revenue too. 


11. ‘Flagging’ Management - LogicMelon / Broadbean /Idibu 

With this new update, you’ll be able to decide how Vincere brings in applications and candidates. We’ve added a new ‘Retrieve Application Settings’ tab so you can get more advanced with the integration configuration.

Flagging Management: this is one many of you will be pleased with. Well, you asked and we delivered 🙌. 

Known as the ‘flagging’ ability, Vincere will only sync candidates into your database based on the ‘flags’.

For more detailed information about how this works, check out the articles for Broadbean and LogicMelon.

12. Primary Brand Management

If you work under many different brands, this is perfect for you:

✔Assign Primary Brand to users

✔ Use primary brand logo as a wildcard in Email Template and Document Builder

13. Filter Applications | Quick View & Profile Detail page

You can now filter the application pipeline to show stats within: 

Last 3 months |  Last 6 month | All

14. Table Count

Don’t underestimate the power of this functionality. This nifty counter gives you an instant number of records in the table. Available on all tables in the CRM and ATS.

15. Last Activity Date  | Contact

In our last release, we added the ability for you to get details of the last activity actioned on the candidate - who, what and when. In this release, we’ve added the same functionality for Contacts.

Simply add the Last Activity Date column and you’ll know:

  • Last activity date and time

  • What the last activity was: last comment, meeting, task, email sent/received, last CRM action

  • Who actioned it

Check out the article here:

16. User Interface Updates

When it comes to building great software, user experiences matter. 80% of our time is spent on evolving the feature stack but the way Vincere looks plays a significant role too.

Besides pushing out killer features, we’re constantly chipping away on the User Interface - cleaning up clutter and optimising the look and feel of the product.

In this release, we’ve beautified the following parts of the system:

  • Quick Views | Candidate & Contact

  • Summary | Candidate & Contact

  • Company Profile

  • Email Templates

  • Marketplace

So there we have it guys, welcome to our OMNI release. We hope you’ll enjoy this new version of Vincere and if you’ve got any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you 😍

We're always innovating to be the best. Remember.. winning is everything and in recruitment.. you don't get paid for coming second place. 

Start winning with Vincere #TheVincereWay 👑

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