1.Setting up your SignRequest Account  
2.Configuring Sign Request inside Vincere  
3. Setting up your Emails & Contract Templates
4. How to use SignRequest to send Offer Letters  
5. Who signs first?  
6. What happens when offer is sent  
7.  What happens when the Contract is signed?  
8. Where do the documents go? Can I search for it?  

1/ Setting up your SignRequest Account

To use SignRequest x Vincere integration, you first need to have a SignRequest account and be part of a team in Sign Request in order to get the API token. 

Head over to your Sign Request account > click on your profile and head down to Teams:

Scroll to the bottom and you'll see a section on API Settings. Next hit:

  1. Create token 
  2. Copy the below token that is generated and paste into the Marketplace inside Vincere (more on this below). 
  3. You can also configure some various settings directly on SignRequest too. 

Once you're happy with your Sign Request account and you've got your API token head back into Vincere > go to Marketplace and scroll down until you see Sign Request towards the bottom of the page:

Click on Sign request > enter your API Token and you're good to go - all setup and ready to use.

2/ Configuring Sign Request inside Vincere

Click into the tile > click on the Configuration tab. You’ll see 2 configuration options:

a. Signatories:

Signatories are people (users in Vincere) that will be signing the contracts that are sent to your clients and candidates. Adding them to the Signatories list will allow these users to use the sign request functionality when sending out offers.

You can add these signatories by clicking on the field and selecting the people from the dropdown.

b. Automatic Placements: 

Workflow 1: Enable automatically move candidate to Placed stage when document is signed by all signatories:

Vincere automatically moves the application of the candidate to the Placed stage once documents are already signed by all required parties.

Workflow 2: Send contract information to Accountant and Job owners when placement is made:

This sends an email with Contract information to both the job owner and the specified accountant on the system.

(If you don’t have an accountant set in Vincere, you can click here to take a look at setting up one.)

To enable each of these options, simply select the checkbox to turn the workflow on.

3/ Setting up your Emails & Contract Templates

Before using Sign Request, ensure that you have got the following ready to go:

a. Email Templates 

We’ve got out-of-the-box templates already set up for you but you can add/edit these templates as you wish. There are 3 email templates you should customize: 

Email #96: Send offer to candidate

Email #97: Send contract to client

Email #98: Cancel a SignRequest (this email is sent when you cancel the request for signature via SignRequest)

b. Candidate offers / Contract Templates in Doc Builder

You need to make sure that you already have the templates set up or the contracts ready. This can be done easily through the document builder. 

On the right side, you’ll find ‘Wildcards’. These are placeholders (or merge fields) that Vincere will replace with the actual data to help you generate Contracts quickly and accurately.

4/ How to use SignRequest to send Offer Letters

Step 1:

The first step is when you’re trying to send the offer, there are two options from the dropdown. It’s either send with Vincere email only or send with SignRequest email only. 

To use SignRequest, you will need to select send with SignRequest email only.

At this step, you can also select the template you’d like to use. You can do it here:

Step 2:

The next step is for you to be able to select which contract template you would like to use. You can edit or change the template by clicking on the ‘Change template | Edit Document’ button below:

Step 3:

Here is where you check the Signatories for this specific offer. 

Step 4:

Now, your contract is ready when you are. This final page confirms that your offer is ready and you can send it to the candidate. Hit that green button!

5/ Who signs first? 

Vincere has a ton of best practice methods/workflows built into the system, and SignRequest is one of them. You want to get your Candidates to sign first so you can still check and review before you seal the deal.

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6/ What happens when Offer is Sent?

a. You can track it.

Once an offer is sent, you’ll be able to track the status on the panel of the Offer page like below;

You’ll know exactly when the offer is Sent, Viewed and Signed.

b. Your Candidates will be notified via email to add their signature.

They can do this very easily, simply following the prompts to add in their signature. Once they have signed, you’ll receive an email notification saying it’s your turn to seal the deal!

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7/ What happens when the Contract is signed? 

Once the deal is sealed and docs are all signed, you (and your candidate) will receive an email with the following:

  1. Final, signed version of the document
  2. Signrequest Log: this is the digital certificate that proves the integrity of the signed document including IP info & timestamps.

Please note that the final email & documents will only be made available after all designated signers have signed the document. So if you have signed but haven't received a copy yet then there still is another signer that needs to sign.  

8/ Where do the documents go? Can I search for it? 

These two documents will be automatically added into Vincere in these places:

a. In the Candidate File tab

b. In the File Library (final stage of the ATS Pipeline)

Please note that the final email & documents will only be made available after all designated signers have signed the document. So if you have signed but haven't received a copy yet then there still is another signer that needs to sign.  

Hope this helps! Here's to faster placements. 🚀

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