1/ Deal Process Management (*Private Beta)

    a. Set up and configure multiple deal pipelines
    b. Quick add for new deals
    c. Configure fields summary layout, inc. custom fields, for Deals
    d. Deal Actions: Won | Lost | Move | Delete and Action logs
    e. Deal Forecasting
    f.  Manage Profit Splits
    g. Manage cost of Sales for deals
    h. Link deals to Comments, tasks and meetings
    i. View deals in new deal table
    j. New files layout for deals.
   k. NOTE: New Analytics Dashboard for deals will be coming in August release. 

2/ Make Quick Placement

Take your candidate straight to Placement with the new Place action (without first adding them to a job)

You’ll be able to make quick placements from:
  a. ATS & within a Candidate Profile
  b. ATS & within a Job Profile

3/ User Interface Updates

New improved layouts:
  a. ID & Pipeline moved right up to the top
  b. Rearranged social icon, original CV buttons to Candidate Box.
  c. Slight colour changes for overall cleaner look and feel of profiles & sections.

  1. Candidate Profile
  2. Candidate Quick View
  3. Contact Profile
  4. Contact Quick View
  5. Company Profile
  6. Company Quick View
  7. Job Quick View

4/ Chevron Colour updates

In line with the improved layouts, we're tweaking the colours on the main Chevrons slightly:

  a. Company
  b. Job
  c. Candidate
  d. Application stages and last chevron

5/ New Goals

More Goals available for tracking right out-of-the-box:

  a. Job leads - New
  b. Job leads converted (Converted to Jobs)
  c. Deals - New
  d. Deals - Won
  e. Deals - Revenue


6/ Update to Pay Rules & Period
  a. New Rule Type called ‘Part of Day’: allows you to set a specific Pay Rule for a period in a day e.g 20:00 - 00:00 and apply a Pay Rule against that.
  b. Period Options: Days (all days), Days (weekdays), Public Holiday, Onsite, Offsite
  c. Pay rule exceptions: this allows you to set rule exceptions to override General pay rules

7/ Purchase Invoice Updates

    a. 'Send to' will show Candidate name or Candidate Company Name depending on type being PAYE/PAYG/EMPLOYEE or Ltd Company/ABN/Corporation.
    b. Billing Contact will now be Candidate Name (orange icon)
    c. When placement/offer is PAYE/PAYG/Others, Billing address will be Candidate's current address OR when placement/offer is LTD, Billing address will be Billing Address related to Company.

8/ Profit Split for Invoice
    a. Ability to assign profit splits per invoice (not just per job)

9/ Undo Placement

    a. Undo placement in TimeTemp only allowed if related invoices are in Draft status.
        i. One a placement is undone, Contract will be deleted in TimeTemp.
        ii. Any users associated only with this Job, should they not be associate with any other jobs, they will be removed from Timetemp.
    b. If related invoices are in Approved status (and onwards), undo placement will not be allowed.

10/ Hide Home Currency

  a. New settings in Admin Settings: Hide / Show Home Currency section
  b.‘Home Currency’ section will now be hidden on default on Placement details and Invoice


11/ Zapier (*Private Beta)

    a. Vincere app available in Zapier App marketplace: focused on automating your recruitment marketing workflows
    b. Triggers available:
         i. New Candidate added to Talent Pool, create Contact in Autopilot/Hubspot/Mailchimp etc.
        ii. New Contact added to Distribution List, create Contact in Autopilot/Hubspot/Mailchimp etc.
    c. Actions available:
        i. Unsubscribe Email inside Autopilot/Hubspot/Mailchimp will also auto-unsubscribe inside Vincere.

12/ SEEK Enhancements

  a. Support for bullet points for StandOut Advertisement Type

  b. Now when you close or delete or make a Job private, job posted to Seek will be expired.


We’re sharing the information to outline Vincere’s general product direction. Please do not rely on this information in making decisions, as the development, release and timing of any products, features or functionality shall be made in Vincere’s sole discretion, and is subject to change.

*Private Beta: Project is in trial / beta mode, this feature will be released once trial is complete.

Landing August '19 🚀

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