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TV Dashboard📺

Wanna know all about TV Dashboard in Vincere? A Comprehensive Guide below

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All about TV Dashboard in Vincere 📊

The TV Dashboard mode in Vincere provides an insightful overview of your business’s expected revenue, total fees from placements, top performers, and current pipeline status.

  • This guide will help you understand how to use and interpret the TV Dashboard effectively.

⭕ Overview

📈 What is TV Dashboard Mode?

TV Dashboard mode is a visual tool designed to give you a quick snapshot of key business metrics, including:

  • Expected revenue

  • Total fees from placements

  • Top ten performers

  • Current pipeline

Main Tabs: The TV Dashboard has two main tabs

📊 Mode 1

Mode 1 focuses on forecasted fees, recruiting funnel, top performers, booked fees, and activities.

1. Forecast Fees - Best Case

Definition: Sum of all individual best-case figures from all open jobs with at least one active headcount.

📇 Calculation of Forecast Fees - Best Case:

  • Sum the highest possible revenue figures (best-case scenarios) for all open jobs with active candidates.

  • This provides an optimistic forecast of potential revenue.

2. Recruiting Funnel

This graph displays your current pipeline from the Shortlisted to the Placed stages.

📇 Calculation of Recruiting Funnel:

  • Number of Applications: Count the number of candidates who have moved through each stage in the selected time frame.

  • Conversion Percentage: Calculate the ratio of candidates progressing from one stage to the next (e.g., Sent to 1st Interview).

  • Comparison: Compare the number of applications at each stage with the previous time period to assess pipeline movement (e.g., 1st interview this month vs. last month).

3. Top Performers

Shows the top 10 performers based on booked fees processed in the selected time frame.

📇 Calculation of Top Performers

  • Rank team members by the total revenue they have generated through placements.

  • Highlight the top 10 individuals contributing the most to the business.

4. Booked Fees

Give you visibility on all the fees brought in as a business within the selected time frame (based on the date field chosen in the Date Type filter).

📇 Calculation of Booked Fees

  • Aggregate the fees from all placements that have been confirmed (booked) as of the selected time frame.

  • This metric gives an accurate account of actual revenue realized.

5. Activities

A quick overview of all the activities and actions taken by users inside Vincere collectively.

📇 Calculation of Activities

  • Collect data on user engagement and actions (e.g., emails sent, new jobs, interviews arranged, contact meetings,...).

  • Summarize the total number of activities to show overall user engagement.

📊 Mode 2

Mode 2 provides a detailed view of new jobs, interviews, placements, splits, company pipeline, and top performers.

1. New Jobs

Metrics Included:

  • The total number of new jobs (including Job Leads) added to Vincere in the selected time frame.

  • Combined Best-case forecast fees for those jobs.

2. 1st Interview

Definition: Total number of 1st Interviews arranged in the set timeframe, currently pending.

3. Placements | Retainers | Renewals

Metrics Included:

  • Number of total placements processed, excluding retainers and renewals.

  • Number of approved and sent retainers

  • Contract/Temp placements renewed.

  • Combined revenue generated across these activities.

4. Splits

Definition: Overview of new jobs created in the set time frame, categorized into Permanent vs. Temporary/Contract jobs.

5. Company Pipeline

Metrics Included:

  • Best Case: Sum of all individual best-case figures from all open jobs with at least one active headcount.

  • Avg per Consultant: Best Case / Active Consultants.

  • Active Consultants: Number of unique job owners with forecast fees contributing to Best Case revenue.

    ➡️ How many unique Job Owners have at least 1 Job included in the Forecaster (Jobs with an active headcount of at least 1)

  • Active Jobs: Number of open jobs with at least one active application process ongoing.

  • Active Candidates: Number of candidates with at least one active application ongoing.

6. Activities

Definition: Quick overview of all activities and actions taken by users inside Vincere collectively.

7. Contractors | Temps

Definition: Summary of how many contract and temp placements are starting and finishing within the filtered time frame.

8. Top Performers

Shows the top 4 performers based on booked fees processed in the selected time frame.

📌 Key Terms Explained

  • Best Case: The highest possible revenue expected from open jobs.

  • Booked Fees: Actual revenue brought in from completed placements.

  • Conversion Percentage: The ratio of candidates moving from one stage to the next in the recruitment process.

⭕ TV Dashboard Setup Guide

Got a TV or spare screen lying around your office with no real use, keeping up to date with the news and weather? 😴 Why not use it to boost your business performance visibility?

Here’s how to set up your Vincere TV Dashboard on your office TV without purchasing an additional license.

📺 Step-by-Step Setup

1. Open the Dashboard: Any current user can open up the Vincere dashboard in a new tab.

2. Cast to TV: To wirelessly cast the dashboard to a TV using a Chromecast:

  • Make sure your TV is connected to a Chromecast device.

  • Open your Chrome browser.

  • Click on the three dots (menu) in the top-right corner.

  • Select Cast from the dropdown menu.

  • Choose your Chromecast device from the list.

3. Auto Tab Switch for Dynamic Reporting

Want to switch between reports on the Intelligence dashboards automatically? Here’s a pro tip to make your display even more dynamic:

  • Install Auto Tab Switch Extension: This free Chrome extension allows you to configure the interval and refresh time for switching between tabs.

  • Configure Interval and Refresh Time: Set up the extension to switch between your desired reports at your preferred interval.

🤙 By following these steps and understanding the key metrics, you can effectively utilize the TV Dashboard to enhance your recruitment strategies and optimize business performance 📈

Happy Recruitment #TheVinnyWay🤩

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