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Report V58 October ‘23 Release | Vincere Intelligence
Report V58 October ‘23 Release | Vincere Intelligence
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1/ Intelligence dashboards updated with new ATS "Applications" stage

You now have visibility over the entire ATS pipeline in one dashboard; which now includes the newly released Applications stage.

This allows you to create a more accurate revenue forecast using the below comprehensive report which includes the number of Active Candidates alongside Active Jobs at each stage of the pipeline (expand the filters to define the stages you wish to filter by):

Please Note: Dashboards updated with new Applications stage filter: The Forecaster, Job Stats, Data Sources.

Dashboards still to be updated in future releases: TV Dashboard, My Dashboard, AI Coach, Hot Lists, User Engagement, Company Stats, Pipeline Activities.

2/ Report on the actual number of new vacancies you have created.

In the User Engagement dashboard, you can now monitor the actual number of vacancies that your team has generated. Simply select “Headcount (New)” in the Activity filter, and monitor the trend over time to determine how many new positions have been created. If you select “Headcount Leads (New)”, you can track the new headcount from your Job Leads too:

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