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Vincere Platform Updates: v19.10 ✨ (Aug '23)
Vincere Platform Updates: v19.10 ✨ (Aug '23)
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To navigate through the sections, please feel free to click on the links below:

1.Bulk Upload Candidate Files

You can now upload multiple files at once to the candidate profile

Before uploading, you have the option to change the doc type and set the expiry date and mark the file as the Latest CV

Files uploaded will follow the document type and expiry date requirements set in the Compliance Doc Settings

You can delete the file if it was uploaded by error

New option to upload a Web Link URL

Note: The types of files supported are: doc, docx, pdf, rtf, xls, xlsx, html, htm, msg, mht, ppt, pptx, csv, png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, jng, gif.

To read more about this and how to bulk upload for contacts and company records, click here

2. New Document Type Setting: set Expiry Date as Mandatory for Custom Doc Types

· Admin users can set the expiry date as mandatory for custom doc types in the Documents & Checks Settings

The expiry date setting is not set as mandatory by default

When a custom document type's expiry date is set as mandatory, the Expiry Date field will appear as required when a user uploads a candidate document, in the candidate's Files table and placement details

The expiry date field is also shown as mandatory in the Verification Document section

Note: This setting is available only to document types created by users, not system default doc types. When set as mandatory, the expiry date field appears as required only for candidate documents, not for Jobs, Companies, and Contacts.

For more information, please click our help article on Document Expiry Management here.

3. FastTrack360 x TimeTemp Time Management Updates

Employees and consultants can now add Additional Items to a timesheet in TimeTemp

You can log hours against a Project on the timesheet in TimeTemp

You are also able to view the hours on the Project on the timesheet in Vincere

Timesheet attachments are now displayed on FastTrack360 and another column has been added in Vincere to view the Attachments in the Pay & Bill > Timesheets table

When viewing a timesheet, you will now see an entirely new Attachments tab

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