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Volcanic: Candidate Registrations and Applications
Volcanic: Candidate Registrations and Applications
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When connecting Volcanic account to Vincere and posting jobs from Vincere into Volcanic, the user can now select the option to have the applications, as well as new registered candidates from Volcanic to be synced back and have the new candidates/applications to be auto-created from within Vincere accounts.

To set this up, please contact support using the contact support button inside your Vincere site. Please indicate that you want to request the Candidate application and Registration for your Volcanic site.

Once this set up is done, you will receive a confirmation in the conversation.

After which, you can follow the steps below to enable this for your Vincere site:

  1. Go to the Settings

  2. Click on Marketplace

  3. Click the Volcanic Tile

  4. Click on the Settings tab

  5. Select enable either or both

    1. Registered Candidates

    2. Applications retrievals

  6. Click Save

Candidates created after enabling this feature will have the following information populated:

  • Default fields:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email will be the Candidate's Primary Email

  • Documents (Appended in the Files tab)

  1. CVs (uploaded as a new file) β†’ mark as latest for the latest uploaded document

  2. Cover letters (uploaded as a new file)

  • Other Vincere fields

  1. Candidate Source = Volcanic

  2. Candidate Consent (Consent to Keep) = Consent Given

  3. Registered by = System Admin

Note: Custom registration or application questions will not sync over to Vincere

Note: Only applications and registrations made after this setting has been enabled will be synced. If you have applicants who registered prior, they would need to send an application to be created inside Vincere as a candidate.

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