To remove a job posting in Volcanic from Vincere, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Vincere

  2. Click on the job icon in the left-hand panel

  3. Select a job you want to unpost from your Volcanic site

  4. From Action panel > in the JOB ACTION section, click on POST

  5. On the Volcanic tab, click on POST

  6. Select UNPOST

  7. Click Yes to confirm

  8. The job will be marked as Expired in Volcanic

If you would like to unpost the job inside Volcanic, you can back-date the Expiry Date and Time from the Edit Job page

Note: Making the Job’s Privacy from Public to Private or update the Sourcing Close Date to today’s date won’t make the job expired in Volcanic. You would need to click the unpost button to remove the job from the Volcanic job board.

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