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Subscribe for Job Alerts | Vincere Portals
Subscribe for Job Alerts | Vincere Portals

Candidates can subscribe to Job Alerts directly from the Job Portal

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1/ When Candidate has no account in the Candidate Portal or when Candidate Portal is disabled:

1/ Type the keyword or location in the search bar and click the 🔎 icon

2/ When candidate clicks on the Job Alert button, the page will automatically scroll down to the new Job Alert banner at the bottom of the Job Listing page.

3/ The candidate will be taken to the Job Alert banner

📌 Don't see the Job Alert banner? Click here to set up.

4/ The candidate can enter their email address and choose the frequency of Job Alert emails sent to them. (daily, weekly or monthly)

5/ The Candidate will receive the subscription email notification with the details of their Job Alert criteria.

📌 Want to configure the email template? See email template 8. Subscription Email

Click here

2/ When Candidate is logged in the Candidate Portal

1/ Type the keyword or location in the search bar and click the ➕ icon

2/ A message will be displayed that the job alert has been saved

3/ The candidate can manage the frequency inside their candidate portal account

NOTE: If the Allow Job Alert in the Site Settings is not checked, your candidates will not see the ➕ icon and Job Alert banner in the job listing page.

How Job Alert works?

If a new posted job matches the Candidate’s search keyword, the job will be sent in the Job Alert email on the frequency that the Candidate has selected.

Unsubscribe to Job Alerts

  1. Candidates can unsubscribe from Job Alert emails directly from the Job Alert email received. They will see the Unsubscribe hyperlink at the bottom of the email. Click here for more details.

  2. If the Candidate has access to a candidate portal account, they can unsubscribed to job alerts.

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