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Email Templates for Candidate Portal | Vincere Portals
Email Templates for Candidate Portal | Vincere Portals

Setting up your email templates for the Candidate Portal

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Customize your email templates to all your sites email needs

To set up email templates:

1. Go to your Portals Admin dashboard.

2. Click on Email Templates or Settings > Email on the left-hand panel

3. Select the Candidate tab

Email Settings:

Above the email templates, you have a few settings you can adjust:

Revert to Default: Tick the box to choose default email settings

Email Header Image: Upload your company logo or any image to use as email header

⚠️ Important Note: The revert to default button will erase your email template adjustments and bring them back to the system default

Once you make adjustments please ensure you select “update” at the bottom left

Edit your templates:

1. Select the template you'd like to edit

When selecting a template, you will see a description of when the email template is used.

2. You can update the template subject line. Be sure to use the correct wildcards available at the bottom of the page.

3. You can also update the content to suit your needs.

You can use the text formatting tools provided to edit.


Wildcards are used to call certain information in the system. To use the wildcards, copy and paste them from the bottom of the page into your email template.

NOTE: Every email template has its own set of wildcards. Be sure you are using the correct one for your template.

4. Once you're happy with the template, click Update to save.

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