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How to setup the Job Alert Banner | Vincere Portals
How to setup the Job Alert Banner | Vincere Portals

Portals update v1.10 November 2022

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This article will walk you through how to set up the Job Alert banner for your Job Portal (Job Listing page)

Note: The new Job Alert banner feature is disabled on your account.

1/ Login to your Portals tenant site and go to the Job Portal customizer

2/ Click the Area where you have added the Job Search or Faceted Search widget. (It's usually in the Main Content area)

From the Job Portal or any pages where the Job Search widget (Advanced Search type) or Faceted Search widget is available, Admin users can configure the styling and settings of the Job Alert button (existing feature) and Job Alert banner (new feature).

3/ Look for the Job Alerts section. In the preview pane, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the preview of the banner.

Check the βœ… JOB ALERT BANNER to enable the feature on your job portal.

The Job Alert Banner is disabled by default on all sites.

When Job Alert Banner is off, Candidates will need to log in to the Candidate Portal to create Job Alerts. The Job Alert button will be hidden from the Job Portal if the Candidates are not logged in.

4/ In the Job Alert section, click the downward arrow ⬇️ to see the styling and settings. Admin users can:

  • Choose the Form Style

  • Choose the Label Style

  • Update Title text

  • Style the Title text

  • Update Description text

  • Style the Description text

5/ Show / hide the frequency of the job alert emails by ticking the box 'SHOW ON JOB ALERT BANNER'

When the box is ticked βœ…, the frequency will be displayed:

When it's empty πŸ”², your candidates/visitors will not see the frequency option, but they can still subscribe for a job alert.

7/ Click PUBLISH to make the new changes live on your site.

**For sites where the Candidate Portal is disabled, you will need to enable the Job Alert banner in the Customizer to allow Candidates to enter their email address for job alert subscriptions.

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