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Back office consultants can now process Self-Bill Invoices for your Ltd Co. & Corporation and Umbrella Placements.

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1. Self-Bill Invoice document type

Admin users can configure Self-Bill Invoice templates to be sent from Vincere. For more information, click HERE

2. Configure Self-Bill Settings for Umbrella Companies

Head over to Settings > Pay & Bill Settings > Settings > Umbrella Companies.

Admin users can enable Self-Bill and upload any related documentation for each Umbrella Company.

3. New ‘Billing Options’ tab in Candidate Onboarding

We’ve updated and streamlined the onboarding process for you. You’ll find a new section called ‘Billing Options’ in the Onboarding tab.

Within this tab, consultants with permission to view Candidate Onboarding details will be able to:

  1. Select/Update the Umbrella Company that will be processing the candidates’ pay

  2. View/Update the Candidate Ltd Co. or Corporation details

  3. Enable/Disable Self-Bill for the Candidates Ltd Co. or Corporation

  4. Upload/Update/View Ltd Co. or Corporation Billing related documents

4. Self-Bill Invoice Generation

When you make a placement for a Contract / Temp role, and as soon as the timesheet is approved, Vincere Pay & Bill will auto-generate a Self-Bill invoice based on the following criteria:

  1. The Job Type is not Permanent.

  2. The Pay Type of the Placement is either Ltd Co. & Corporation or Umbrella.

  3. Self-Bill is enabled for said Job Type from the Candidate Profile

5. Self-Bill Invoice Actions

We’ve empowered the back office to send Self-Bill Invoices with relevant documents directly to clients from Vincere.

From Vincere Pay & Bill, filter Invoice Type by Self-Bill Invoice.

You can do any of the following when processing Self-Bill Invoices:

  1. Change invoice templates

  2. Update invoice profit split

  3. Approve invoice

  4. Approve & Send invoice to Client

  5. Approve & Mark as Sent on invoice

  6. Mark as Paid

  7. Cancel Invoice

Note: When you send Self-Bill Invoices to the client, the system will use our new Email Template 14.7.

You can edit the email before sending or customize the email template: head over to Settings > Email Templates > Search for “Self-bill” to edit.

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