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How to log in and reset password | Vinneo
How to log in and reset password | Vinneo

Logging in and managing your password

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How to access your Vinneo account

You can access your Vinneo tenant site in 2 places:

1/ On the initial email that was sent to you.

2/ On Marketplace in Vincere, look for Vinneo and click Setup

How to reset your password

1/ If you have never logged in or have not activated your Vinneo account, kindly reach out to the support team to reset your password.

2/ If you already have activated your account, and need to reset your password, click Forgot your Password?

Enter your email address and click Send Password Reset Link

Enter the verification code received and create a new password

3/ For multiple Vinneo license users who have not accessed Vinneo, your Admin user can reset your password from the Vinneo dashboard.

Kindly follow the steps below:

1/ Admin user to login to Vinneo and go to User Settings > User

2/ Look for the user and click on the mail button to resend the activation email.

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