A domain name is an address of a website, e.g. www.recruitmagic.com

The format of your job listing page is "companyname.vincere-digital.io/jobs".

You can connect your domain from another provider to your job listing page at any time.

Connecting your Domain

Before you can connect your domain to Digital, you need to have access to your current domain registrar.

This is the company that hosts your domain - enter your domain name here to see your domain details.

To connect your domain, set up your DNS records as follows:

1️⃣ Create a CNAME record to point to the CNAME address

Note: Please reach out to our Support team to request the IP address of your CNAME record.

2️⃣ Once the CNAME is added on your end, kindly inform the Support team.

3️⃣ When the subdomain works, the domain companyname.vincere-digital.io/jobs will be replaced with the subdomain. You can then hyperlink the menu items to redirect to the corresponding pages on Digital.

📌 Here are the site URLs for the following pages:

  • Job listing page - /jobs

  • Login page - /login

  • Candidate Registration - /candidate/register

SSL Certificate

Your Vincere Portal site is enabled with HTTPS providing your site with an SSL certificate.

Once the DNS records are added, contact our Support team to set up the SSL certificate for your site.

⚠️ If you're having issues with viewing your site over a secure HTTPS connection, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your DNS records are correct.

Your domain must be properly connected for your SSL certificate to be enabled. See instructions above 👆 to make sure you have the correct DNS records.

Note: Contact your domain host if you need help configuring your DNS records.

2. Wait until your domain is propagated

Please wait up to 72 hours to allow your domain to complete propagation.

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