To set up users in your Portals Admin dashboard, click Users on the left hand side menu.

Click ‘Create User’ and fill out the details.

  • Name

  • Email

  • Password - set a temporary password

  • Email Verified - Tick the box if you don’t want to automatically verify the email address of the user. The new user does not have to open the verification email. Great for creating test / dummy profiles for your site.

Assign a user role

1/ Admin - The user will have access to the Admin dashboard and Customizer.

2/ Editor - The user will only have access to the Admin dashboard / CMS to create pages, manage posts, etc.

Click “Create User” once done.

The user will receive an email to verify their account.

All emails from Digital are from

To update your site's email to your company email address, kindly reach out to Support team.

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