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Sending Vinneo Invitations
Sending Vinneo Invitations

Sending out invites to Candidates to complete a Vinneo interview

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Send out Vinneo invitations to Candidates from Vincere Core is very simple and can be done directly from the Candidate's table view or their profile individual and in bulk.

⭕ Inviting a Candidate from the Candidate Table View

  • Navigate to the Candidate table view > Tick the candidate(s) you wish to invite > Click on Send Vinneo Invitation.

  • You will be redirected to a new site where you can see existing Vinneo Templates or create a new one from here > select a template for the Vinneo Outreach by choosing from the dropdown list.

  • Configure options such as Vinneo type (e.g., Video Interview, Candidate Feedback, Video Testimonial, Video Feedback, Video Reference, Performance Review).

  • Send the Invitation:

    • Review the email content.

    • Click Send to dispatch the invitation.

Please refer to this video for your visual guidance:

Happy Recruitment #TheVinnyWay🤩

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