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How to Send a Vinneo to a Contact
How to Send a Vinneo to a Contact

Sending Candidate videos to your Clients

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Once you’ve a Candidate’s completed Vinneo interview, of course you want your Client to know about it. Forwarding Vinneos can be done from the existing LiveList™ and is super easy. Here’s how it’s done:

From the Candidate profile, click on “Actions”, then “Send” and select the Job if needed:

A list of Vinneos from the Candidate will be available in a drop-down menu. Select the Vinneo you’d like to send from the list. You can also control other settings such as name/employer visibility status and attach documents:

Then you will be able to customize the email template as usual when sending the LiveList™ and send it out to your Clients. They can access the Vinneos from inside the LiveList™ by clicking on the camera icon, or from directly from within the email.

That’s it - and your Candidate is one step closer to landing the Job.

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