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v17.2 Jan ‘22 Release | Core, Pay & Bill, Shift Scheduler
v17.2 Jan ‘22 Release | Core, Pay & Bill, Shift Scheduler

Shift Scheduler improvements, Deal upgrades, updates to TimeTemp Mobile & much more

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1/ New Sync Options

We’ve updated email options so there are two options to sync your email to your Vincere account. You can choose to have all emails synced, or to only sync emails from Inbox & Sent.

To set email sync settings, go to Setup Email Connection > select Sync Option.


2/ Move Job back to Job Lead

Added ability to switch a Job back to a Job Lead.

3/ New column | Job Lead Converted

a. Yes: Job converted from Job Lead

b. No: Job not converted from Job Lead

4/ New Stat: Job Lead Conversions

Job Lead Chevron now indicates the number of Job Leads converted to Jobs.


We’ve upgraded the Deals chevron in Core to enhance your experience. Now you can filter all Deals by Pipeline or by Stage for an easier search and get a better overview on stats.

5 / UI & UX Updates

a. Separated the Deal chevron and the Job Leads chevron.

b. You can customize the name of the Deal chevron under Admin Settings > System Preferences > Change system name for CRM stages.

c. Added Filter Deals by Pipeline.

d. Added Filter Deals by Stage.

e. Switch between Deals & Job Leads.

  • Select between the “Pipeline | All Leads” table and the “Pipeline | Job Leads” table.

  • When selecting between these options, the chevron at the top of the screen will change accordingly. The chevrons will show:

    • Stage name

    • Total number of deals

    • Probability

    • Forecast fee total for all deals in that stage



We’ve given the back office a boost with updates to Job Templates calculations. Plus, on-cost calculations are now shown before you apply them to the Rate Card.

6/ Updates to Job Templates

a. Updated Job Template edit permissions

  • Consultants are able to edit any field within a Job or Placement, even if there’s already data there from an applied Job Template without having to change to type Custom.

b. On-costs breakdown

  • Under Pay & Bill Settings > Invoice settings, you have two options:

    • Summary On-costs (default): All on-costs will be totaled together as one line item on the Invoice.

    • Breakdown On-costs into Pay rule levels: This will show on-costs related to different Pay rules on separate line items on the Invoice.

c. Updated On-costs calculations in Purchase and Self-Bill Invoice

  • Loadings: Will always be detailed into Pay Levels.

  • On-costs: Always included, regardless of the In Pay selection in Placement settings.

7/ *New* Range Selection in Invoice Table

We’ve added a new Invoice Selection option in the Invoice Table under Pay & Bill.

There are two actions available:

a. Deselect All

  • When at least one invoice is selected, this option allows you to remove all selected invoices.

b. Range Selection

  • Here you can select up to 200 invoice records. Enter the number of the invoices under “From” and “To” to select the records.

8/ Updates to On-costs in Rate Card Templates

To enable the selection of an Oncost template choose 'Yes' for Oncosts applied. The Oncost tab will then be available for you to add your template and the calculations will apply on the rate card.

a. New “On-costs Applied” field

b. Select On-costs to apply

  • Yes: Pick from an existing On-costs template to apply.

  • No: On-costs items will not be available in Rate Card template.


We’ve got two new updates that make booking Candidates easier: notifications and Shift Pattern invites.

Notifications inside VinnyChat will alert you to fill out required Placement info (depending on your Candidate Booking Settings).

Shift Pattern invites let you easily book Jobs with more complex schedules. On the Candidate side, they show a detailed schedule overview with the option to accept or decline shifts.

9/ Autobook Notification

a. New notification inside VinnyChat when a Candidate accepts a shift from Autobook

  • The notification will take you to the Candidate’s Placement page to fill in their required Placement information:

10/ Send Shift Invite to Candidates | Shift Pattern

a. Send Shift Schedule Invitation to Candidate

  • SMS

  • Email

b. Shift Detail page

  • Clicking on details in the SMS/email will take Candidates to a page that looks like this:

    • Candidates can view the entire shift pattern

    • View patterns across different weeks

    • Accept and Decline button


11/ Quick Add Timesheet Permissions

We’ve added an additional level of control over permissions for Quick Add Timesheet in TimeTemp.

📢 Please review the current access settings and permission levels via the User Engagement Settings to ensure the correct level of access has been correctly applied and amend if necessary.

12/ New Scheduler View | TimeTemp Mobile

Workers can now see upcoming shifts and details in a Scheduler View on the mobile app. More shift details can be viewed inside the Calendar List with upcoming dates.

13/ Add/Update Availability | TimeTemp Mobile

Workers can now add and edit Availability for upcoming shifts via the mobile app.

14/ View, Accept, or Reject Available Shifts | TimeTemp Mobile

Workers can view upcoming shifts in mobile, and from there accept or reject available shifts.

15/ New Shift Notification | TimeTemp Mobile

When a new shift is sent from Vincere, workers will receive a push notification in the TimeTemp mobile app.

👉 More details on TimeTemp updates here.


16/ *New* Future Fees by Starter Type

View Future Fees by placement type with this new filtered breakdown.

17/ *New* Variance Columns

View the number of starters and finishers in the Future Fees dashboard, plus the difference between their fees.

👉 Read the full Intelligence release notes here.

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