TimeTemp Release v4.1.0 | Vincere Pay & Bill

New updates to TimeTemp Mobile including a Scheduler View, more Availability controls for workers, and New Shift Notifications

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1/ Quick Add Timesheet

You can now control permissions on who can use Quick Add Timesheet.

To change the settings, go to User Management.

The default setting is ON for Recruiter Admin and OFF for Recruiters.

📢 Please review the current access settings and permission levels via the User Engagement Settings to ensure the correct level of access has been correctly applied and amend if necessary.

With Quick Add Timesheet enabled, you can:

a. Quick Add timesheet from Scheduler

b. Quick Add timesheet from the Unsubmitted timesheet list

c. Un-approve timesheets

d. Update or delete Quick Add timesheets

2/ New Scheduler View | TimeTemp Mobile

Workers can now see all upcoming shifts in a Scheduler view, just like on the web app.

a. Access the Scheduler View from:

“Shifts” option on the Dashboard

“Your Schedule / Shifts” on the Side Menu

b. View upcoming schedule from the Calendar List:

Booked Shifts

Worked Shifts


Leave Requests (including Vacation, Holiday & Sick Leave)

c. Workers switch between weekly and monthly views, then select dates to view schedule details:

  • Booked Shift details

  • Worked Shift details

  • Availability details

  • Leave Request details

3/ Add/Update Availability | TimeTemp Mobile

Workers can now add and edit their Availability via mobile in a similar way to the web app.

a. Add Availability via:

  • Dashboard

  • Button on “Your Schedule / Shifts” page

b. Input Availability details:

  • Single event

  • Recurring event

c. Edit Availability details:

  • Update event(s)

  • Delete event(s)

4/ View, Accept, or Reject Available Shifts | TimeTemp Mobile

Workers can now see shifts assigned to them. From there, they can accept or reject shifts based on availability.

a. View Available shifts on the mobile app:

  • “Available Shifts” on the side menu

  • “Available Shifts” on the Scheduler view

b. Workers can view the following shift details:

  • Single date shift

  • Weekly shift

  • Pattern shift

  • Annual shift

    • Workers can select “View Details” for Pattern and Annual shifts to open shift details in a web browser

Note 📣 Accepted shifts will only show for workers when their Time Management mode is set to “Vincere Pay & Bill” and the booked shift is within their placement period.

5/ New Shift Notification | TimeTemp Mobile

When a new shift is sent from Vincere, workers will receive a notification in the TimeTemp mobile app.

a. New Shift Available notification:

b. Workers can view details, accept, or reject the shift from the notification.

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