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Adding your Email Signature
Adding your Email Signature
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Learn how to add your email signature in Vincere with these quick and easy steps.

  1. Head to User Settings on the upper right side of the system.

2. Look for the Email Signature section at the bottom part.

Copy and paste your email signature from your email account.

If you need to input any non-text related information such as pictures or links, you will have to use the buttons we provide.

To insert an image, click the 3 dots to see more formatting tool options.

Look for the Insert/edit image icon.

To insert a link, click Insert/edit link:

A pop-up like this will appear:

Fill in the necessary information, then click Save.

Now, your email signature is ready to use! Vincere will add this signature to all your emails sent from the system as long as you have the #Signature# wildcard on your templates. To know more about how wildcards work click here.

In the email template settings:

In the actual email preview:

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