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How to merge Contact records for a pristine database ✨

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We’ve got a new Contact Merge feature to help keep your database tidy.

You can now merge Contact records that are from the same Company, including appending Jobs or documents to the master record before deleting the duplicate.

Note: This function only works for two Contacts that are listed under the same Company. Also, the Contact records must not be linked to TimeTemp.

👉 Want an in-depth duplicate records search? Check out our Data Integrity Dashboard.

Merge Contacts

This action is available in the Contacts table and in Contact profiles. It’s available both in Quick View and Full View.

You can search for duplicate Contacts by ID, Name, or Email. Once you have the records, select the Contact records to merge them.

To choose the correct data to keep in the master record, select the checkbox next to the data you want from each field. You can also add and append new data here.

One will confirm that you want to merge Contacts, a dialog will show that the Merge is processing.

Go to the Merge Tracking page to track the progress of merged Contacts.

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