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New Data Integrity Dashboard 💥| Vincere Intelligence
New Data Integrity Dashboard 💥| Vincere Intelligence

Keep tabs on the quality & health of your database 📈

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Your Candidates search is only as good as your database.

That's why we've created the Data Integrity dashboard: to highlight and give you a bird's eye view of data quality across your database.

📍 Overview

Based on data scoring (configured by you), Vincere analyzes your database and visualizes the integrity of your data on a single dashboard. At a glance, the dashboard shows:

  • Crucial gaps in your database: percentage of missing fields

  • Top data offenders: see who's contributing to dirty data

  • Duplicate candidates/contacts: identify & merge

  • Benchmarks against other recruiting firms in your region

Let's break it down.

📊 Reports

1. Data Integrity

The Data Integrity dashboard gives you the power to understand how good your data is by looking at the Average Score of your Candidates, Contacts and Companies.

How it works:

Fields within Candidates, contacts and companies can be assigned an “Integrity Weighting score” within Settings > Field Configuration.

For Candidates, we have excluded custom fields from the score - see NOTE at the bottom of the article for more information.

The Average Score is calculated by combining the Data Integrity scores across each entity (Candidates, Contacts & Companies) in your database.

If the field contains a value, the “Integrity Weight” is added to the Data Integrity score.

For example, say you add an Integrity Weight of “1” to 10 fields in Candidates. If two of the ten fields are left blank (is Null), then your maximum achievable Data Integrity score would be 80.

💡 Did you know? A little competition here...You can see how your scores are compared to other recruitment firms in your region. The numbers at the bottom left corner show the average score (percentage) and the highest score (percentage) for your region.

Top Missing Fields

In the Top Missing Fields section of the report we zero in on which fields in your Candidates/Contacts and Companies require the most attention. Don’t forget that incomplete profiles mean you won’t maximize Vincere’s industry-leading search tool.

Top Offenders:

The Top Offenders report will also allow you to empower your team to own their data within Vincere. Each Consultant can clearly see how their data compares to their peers.

2. Candidates

The dedicated Candidates tab allows you to quickly see how many Candidate CVs have been parsed into Vincere. Parsing CVs will vastly improve the quality of your Candidates' information and reduce the impact of missing fields.

3. Duplicate Candidate & Contacts:

Other key highlights are the Duplicate Candidate & Contacts tabs. These allow you to rapidly identify how many duplicates exist in your database, and to make decisions on how to handle the extra records. The dashboard also allows you to export the duplicate Candidate and Contact records into Excel if required.

NOTE: In this release we have excluded custom fields from the score. These may be added at a later stage, but due to the complex nature of this feature and the number crunching involved here, especially for candidates, we have chosen usability over complexity. Also feedback from Beta customers has shown that the basic candidate fields seem to be the biggest hurdle and areas Vincere can help customers with (I.e.bulk re-parse of candidate records at vastly reduced pricing is available) Contact Support for more information.

Can’t see how this works or need some help setting up? Get in touch with us via and we'll be happy to help.

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