NOTE: Before inviting candidates to the Candidate Portal, make sure you’ve set it up first.

1. Select the Candidate(s) by checking the boxes next to the candidates

NOTE: To send an email to more than 200 candidates at a time, use SendGrid.

You will need to include the Candidate Registration link in the Send Bulk Email via SendGrid template (6.1)

2. Click on Invite to your Digital Hub from the Actions list

3. Click on Send Invitation.

4. Once you confirm, Vincere sends the invitations out immediately.

TIP: Want to customize the invitation email?

Click on the Email Templates link in the ‘Invite to your Digital Hub’ pop up > Choose 2. Invitation to Digital.

You can also access the Email Templates settings from Admin Dashboard > Settings > Email > Click on the Candidate tab > Choose 2. Invitation to Digital.

👉 For more information on how to edit the Email Template, click here.

5. Once the Candidate activated their profile, you will see the Digital icon on the Candidate’s Quick View (or the Candidate’s profile) lighten up and their account status will be updated to Active.

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