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Setting up Email Templates | Vincere Portals
Setting up Email Templates | Vincere Portals

Set your site’s email templates

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On your Admin dashboard, click Email on the left hand side menu.

Revert to Default: Tick the box to choose default email settings

Email Header Image: Upload your company logo or any image to use as email header

1/ Select the email template

Choose which email template you would like to edit.

a. User - These are the email templates that are sent to the Admin users of Digital

b. Candidate

Below is the list of templates sent to a candidate

Note: You can turn OFF Templates No. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8. This is ON by default.

c. Client

Below is the list of templates sent to a client or contact

Note: Template No. 5, 6 & 7 are toggled OFF by default.

2/ Edit the email template

Subject: The subject field of your email template

Content: Where you create the body of your email. You can create templated content using supported wildcards at the bottom of the page.

3/ Adding the wildcard

Wildcards are personalized tokens / merge tags that you can use and add to your email templates.

To use the wildcard, copy the wildcard name and paste it into the Content area of the email.

Click ‘Update’ to save all the changes made.

4/ Site Email

Your Portals site default email is

📌 Send a request to our Customer Support team before updating the Site Email field.

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