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How to navigate Job Quick View

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1. Header & Pipeline


Many key details can be found here. In the top left are key details, including the company name, contact, and whether the job is open/closed. In the top right you will see the posting status, and which brand the job is associated. The middle will contain headcount, time since last activity, and forecast fee, Job owner, Booked fee, and job type.

Under the header is a job brief which contains any notes you have added to this job. You can edit this by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.

Pipeline: A visual representation of the current headcount, where candidates are staged in this job, and any tasks associated with it.

2. Details

This section contains some information about the job such as pay, location, open and close date, employment type, and any industries or expertise associated with the job

3. Description

The job descriptions and summary can be found here.

  • Job summary: A quick overview of the job

  • Public Job description: What the candidates applying will see

  • Internal job description: This is what you will see in your system you can add internal notes here

Please remember to hit Save if you make any edits!

4. Brief

In the Brief section of Job quick view you can see any notes associated with the Job as well as edit existing notes or create a new note with a different title.

5. Activities

Any activities, comments, and tasks associated with this job will be here

6. Actions

When in the Job Quick View you will notice in the upper right there is an action bar which you can make use of.

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