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Umbrella & Limited Companies Settings
Umbrella & Limited Companies Settings

All you need to know about Umbrella & Limited Companies in Vincere

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You can now create Umbrella Companies in Organizational Settings, including their contact information, Bank Account Number, SWIFT code, etc.

Head over to Settings > Pay & Bill Settings > 1. Settings > Umbrella Companies.

Click on the image below 👇 to see where the new Umbrella Companies settings are.

From the Candidate's profile, you can link the Umbrella Company to the Candidate by selecting the Umbrella Company from the Candidate Umbrella Company field in the Summary tab.

For Limited Company, you can also add the Candidate Company details and banking information (see example below 👇) from the Candidate’s profile.

Note: The Summary tab is configurable so you can rearrange the fields. Check out this article for more information.

This makes it fast and easy to apply an existing Umbrella Company to the Candidate when making a placement. All the relevant company information will be automatically applied.

When making placement, if the Pay Type is either “Umbrella Company” or “Ltd Co. or Corporation”, Vincere will pull the corresponding information from the Candidate’s profile to the Candidate details section of the Placement details.

Umbrella Company:

Limited Company:

Note: Limited and Umbrella Company fields are searchable and can be exported from the Export Scheduler.

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