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Custom Status for Job and Company
Custom Status for Job and Company

Job & Company Statuses are now customisable, giving you even more flexibility

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You are now able to set up custom Statuses to not just Candidate and Contact but also Company and Job. This feature is similar to the candidate/contact statuses.

We created system statuses, including 'Open', 'Closed', 'Hold' and 'Cancelled' but if you don't want to use these statuses, you can create your own.

A good use case for the Job Status is when the job is put on hold - this way you can easily identify what's the current status of the originally 'Open' job.

Admins can configure this in Settings > Admin Settings > 1. Organizational Settings > Status.

💡 Did you know?

You can bulk update Company, Contact, Candidate and Job Status in bulk. Select the records from the table view > Actions > Update Status.

It's also searchable in the Quick Search and Advanced Search.

The Company or Job status can be viewed from the Company or Job’s Profile, Quick View, and in the Company or Job table.

From the Company or Job's Profile / Quick View, click on the pencil icon where you see the status > Update status.

Job's Quick View

Job's Profile

Company's Quick View

Company's Profile

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