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Custom Status Tag for Entities
Custom Status Tag for Entities

How to customize status tags for candidate, contacts, jobs, and companies

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Statuses for Candidate, Contact, Job, and Company are customizable, giving you even more flexibility.

Wish you could clearly label up those Candidates who are “Looking for Work”, or Contacts who are on a “Hiring Freeze”, or Jobs and Companies that are "Open" or "Closed" with an easy-to-use status? You have control over these with a configurable status that can be updated on the fly. It works just like the Candidate sub-status feature you already love.

To configure the entities' status, an administrator can go to Settings > Admin Settings > 1. Organisational Settings > Status, then click on the “Create new Status” button. You can give the status a name and a colour:

The Candidate Status can be viewed from the Candidate Profile, Quick View, and the Candidate Status column in the Application & Candidate tables.

The Contact Status can be viewed from the Contact Profile, Quick View, and the Status column in the Contact table.

You can update the status from multiple places:

1. From the Quick View or Profile, click the pencil icon where you see the status:

2. From the table, Select the Candidate(s) or Contact(s) > Actions > Update Status.

Candidate Status can be updated in bulk:

3. From the Placement page under Candidate Details click the dropdown to see the Status:

The Company or Job status can be viewed from the Company or Job’s Profile, Quick View, and in the Company or Job table.

From the Company or Job's Profile / Quick View, click on the pencil icon where you see the status > Update status.

Job's Quick View

Job's Profile

Company's Quick View

Company's Profile

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