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Enhancements to On-costs for Contract Jobs
Enhancements to On-costs for Contract Jobs

Clearer UI & Default on-costs to save you time πŸ•’

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The first change you’ll notice is an improved UI and rearranged fields in the Pay & Bill section in the placement page. The On-costs, Overtime & Profit Calculator are now in clear tabs. This helps keep everything clear, and is in keeping with the rest of the UI in Vincere.

We have then made some changes when you select a Pay Type. If you choose Pay Type Umbrella or LTD company, you will be unable to add Allowances/ Taxes/Bill. If you choose one of these Pay Types, you will see the following messages:

Aussie customers, this one is for you.

When you choose the Country as Australia, you will see a pop-up where you can choose to add default on-costs. If you choose Pay Type PAYG, you can then choose your state, and apply the default on-costs for that state.

When you apply the on-costs, they will appear in the On-costs section, where you can then override or delete if required.

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