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What is CloudCall, how to get started and where to go for support with the CloudCall integration

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What is CloudCall?

CloudCall is a software and unified communications business that has developed and provides a suite of cloud-based software and communications products and services.

Cloudcall Integration Overview

Key features of the integration includes:

  • Click-to-call & Click-to-text functionality

  • Instant multiple numbers & note sync from Vincere to CloudCall

  • Call recordings stored and logged in Vincere’s activity history

  • Direct links to view entire SMS conversation

  • Automatically linked to goals & KPIs in Vincere’s Analytics Suite

How to get started with Cloudcall?

Reach out to us via the form on the Cloudcall Landing Page and we’ll connect you with the right CloudCall representative.

How do I set up / turn on the integration?

👉 Follow the step-by-step guide here.

Need support for CloudCall integration?

CloudCall offers the following support options:

  1. 'Chat to Support' on their website

  2. Submit a ticket via the CloudCall Portal

  3. Phone support (numbers listed here)

For more info, visit

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