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Radius search when shortlisting, quick jump to advanced search and 'previous screen' button

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a. Radius search available when shortlisting

When shortlisting candidates to a role, you will be able to click straight through to the Map View to view the radius search results.

From the job, click Actions > Shortlist then hit this icon:

This will take you through to a list of all candidates who are within your chosen radius of the role. You can then continue to narrow or broaden the search results if needed:

The results will automatically be sorted by relevance. You can then clearly see the Distance to job for each candidate:

You can also sort the candidates by closest distance to the job. Simply click on the Sort icon > Sort by shortest distance:

NOTE: When adding a new job and a new address, if the address is not GEO-tagged, the Radius search will not work. For more information on how to geotag see here

b. Quick jump to Advanced Search

You can also now access the Advanced Search filters from wherever you are in Vincere, by clicking the blue “Open Advanced Search” icon in the Quick search. This saves you valuable time:

This will bring up the Advanced Search filters. Just choose the entity you would like to search and input your criteria:

c. Go back with 'Previous Screen' button

We’ve also added in a “Previous Screen” button so you can go back to the previous page you were working on.

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