How to Geotag Locations

You can 'Geotag' locations in Vincere using Google maps

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Simply head over to a record you'd like to Geotag (Candidates, Jobs, Contacts & Companies), click into the location and enter the location you'd like to geotag. This can be really broad such as 'Madrid, Spain' or really specific such as a postcode. You can also move the pin around the Google map too and the system will auto update the address. 

Note: All the location suggestions are from Google Maps API.

⛔️IMPORTANT: When geotagging jobs, the mandatory 'Location name' field is what is synced across to your Instant Job Board/website. 

All the others fields are internal only but please ensure you don't include the exact address in the 'Location name' field - we recommend keeping this to something generic such as 'London HQ' as seen in the example below

The power of Geotagged records

Once your data is Geotagged it makes your Vincere search really powerful (and super cool!). We can head over to search, run a radius search of all of our Candidates located 15Km of London for example. 

We can then see all of our results in a table view OR a Google map view, view any details of the Candidates such as CVs and even use Google's street view tool to place yourself in the Candidates location - super cool, right!? 😎

You can use Radius search for Jobs, Contacts, Companies and Contacts but the Show search result in map view option is only available for candidate radius search.

What are you waiting for, get geo-ing! #TheVincereWay 🌎

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