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v14.4 September '20 Release | Core, Pay & Bill, Intelligence & Integration
v14.4 September '20 Release | Core, Pay & Bill, Intelligence & Integration

Features you've asked for: Improved candidate merging, application source tracking, one company, multiple billing addresses & more

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Get granular and decide which specific details you’d like to keep, append or edit.

Merge action appends all applications, files, activities and placements to the master record.

Each Candidate’s application against Jobs will now have an Application Source which shows how the candidate applied or were added to the Job.

This enhancement now allows you to track exactly where your placements are coming from. Track sources per application and allocate resources to the most effective channels.


Vinny now supports multiple billing addresses per company.

A Company can have multiple locations and each location can have its own Billing Details. This is ideal for large companies where you’re required to send invoices to different billing details depending on the location.


Understand your redeployment and un-utilized rates and engagement with finishers:

  1. Visualize redeployment rates in real-time: who are being re-deployed in the same job or for a different job within 2 months of their last contract finishing date.

  2. Drill down into your un-utilized workers: who have finished their contract within the last 2 months that were not renewed or placed in another job and are not currently in a sent, interview or offer stage.

  3. Workers not called in the last 28 days: keeping a constant eye on engagement, especially for your finishers.

INTEGRATION 🔗 is a platform that helps recruiters save time and automate candidate outreach by using chatbots.

This is the first phase of the Elay x Vinny integration, stay tuned for further enhancements:

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