Merging Candidates in Vincere is quick and easy, and the best thing about our merge feature is that you can get granular and decide which specific details you’d like to keep or discard.

Things to note before you merge:

1/ Candidate data gets overwritten. 

Make sure you review the information carefully before confirming the action.

2/ Related Applications, Placements, Files, Activities & Emails WILL NOT be transferred.

This means that data like Applications, Placements, Files, Emails & Activities linked to the Candidate record will be deleted.

3/ Follow the instructions carefully.

Please make sure to read and follow the steps below carefully as the merge action will overwrite data and it cannot be undone.

Let's get started 🔥

Step 1: Start by selecting the candidate you want to discard (a.k.a the duplicate you wish to get rid of)

Step 2: Select 'Merge candidate' from the actions list.

In this example we already know there’s another candidate named Jessica, I’m going to search for that name. However if you’re not sure if there is duplicate, you can search for similar first names, last names, email etc. 

Now, this is where you need to be very careful with selecting the information you'd like to keep or discard in case of conflict.

‼️ Make sure you review the information and select the boxes against the fields you want to keep.

🔥Simple rules:

  1. Check to keep the data on the left column.

    2. Uncheck to keep the data on the right column.

This action cannot be undone so please check carefully! Confirm your action and voila, your candidate records are have been merged 🙌

Merge Tracking 

You can track all merge activity in ‘Merge Tracking’ which gives you a log and status of all merge tasks initiated (by all users) in your Vincere account.’

Ready, Steady, Merge 💪

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