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Merge Candidates

Get rid of dupes by merging your candidates

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Merging Candidates in Vincere is quick and easy, and the best thing about our merge feature is that you can get granular and decide which specific details you’d like to keep or discard.

Things to note before you merge:

1. Select carefully which data you want to keep.

Make sure you review the information carefully before confirming the action. You need to choose which record you would like to be the master, and you are then able to select which fields from each candidate you would like to keep - or edit the data as you go along!

2. Candidate availability will not be transferred.

This means you need to choose which candidate’s availability you’d like to keep and have that candidate as the master.

3. Follow the instructions carefully.

Please make sure to read and follow the steps below carefully as the merge action will overwrite data and it cannot be undone.

Let's get started 🔥

How do I merge candidates?

Step 1: Start by selecting the candidates you would like to merge.

Step 2: Select 'Merge candidate' from the actions list.

In the above example we have already chosen both candidates. However, you can also just select one candidate and then search for the second one at this point:

Step 3: Now, this is where you need to be very careful with selecting the information you'd like to keep. NOTE: Merging cannot be undone.

Simply choose which candidate you would like to be the master. You can then choose which information you would like to keep - or even edit the information! You can also append files, applications, and invoices into the new merged candidate.

Why won’t my candidates merge?

There are some rules which may stop your candidates from merging. Please note:

  • If one of the records is associated with Vincere Pay & Bill (or TimeTemp), that record will be the master record.

  • Vincere will not merge availability data. The availability of the master record will be kept.

Where does the unwanted candidate go?

Once the merge is complete, the other (unwanted) record will be archived.

Merge Tracking

You can track all merge activity in ‘Merge Tracking’ which gives you a log and status of all merge tasks initiated (by all users) in your Vincere account.

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