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Expand Your Search Arsenal: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet
Expand Your Search Arsenal: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet

Vinny's search is a weapon. Arm yourself properly with Vinny's search techniques (& stop overpaying to job boards)​

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Your database should be your first port of call. Not Job boards.

Here's a list of the top 10 search capabilities you need to start using (in no order of importance):

1️⃣ AI Automatching

Use Vincere's AI-powered search to find similar candidates or auto-match candidates to suitable jobs. You can remove or add keywords and search criteria easily to broaden or narrow down searches.

Let Vincere do the hard work for you. Automatch now.

2️⃣ Saved Search

If you frequently search for the same search strings in Vincere, save time by creating saved searches so you can load them quickly.

3️⃣ Geo-searching

Radius search, proximity search or geo-map searching. Whatever you call it, this is candidate searching visualized on a map view.

You can choose to search by any location or a specific job location. Start sending candidates to jobs closest to their homes.

4️⃣ Auto Boolean Operator (Boolean Search #TheVincereWay)

As you type, Vincere automatically adds the operators between words or strings for you. This shaves off seconds for each and every search you perform which eventually adds up into efficiency gains.

Learn more about the key boolean capabilities:

5️⃣ Indeed Search

Indeed search is built into Vinny's Advanced Search so that you can source from Indeed's database. The best part? You can import candidates in bulk into Vincere.

6️⃣ LinkedIn Search

Google X-Ray search built right into Vincere.

This is best used with Velocity, the #1 rated chrome extension app in Vinny's marketplace. With Velocity, you can bring new candidates/contacts straight into Vincere in one-click.

7️⃣ Resume / CV Search

Want to find candidates who listed a certain skill in their resume? Easy.

Tip: You can search resumes / CVs in Advanced Search in combination with other search strings to narrow/broaden the search results to match your needs.

8️⃣ Null Search

Perfect for data integrity checks across missing information like phone numbers, or industry/functional expertise tags.

Not every recruitment CRM can do this. See it in action.

9️⃣ Fuzzy Search

Use ‘~’ at the end of your search term.

This is a great addition to your search and makes accommodations for misspelled keywords, British versus American spellings and accidental typos in your database.

E.g. Maneger~ will find you 'manager'.

🔟 Wildcard Search

Use an asterisk (*) .

This search helps with finding results that include different variations of a root word simply by adding an asterisk (*) as a prefix or suffix.

E.g. Type manag* and Vincere will return ‘management’, ‘manager’, and ‘managing’.

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