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To use the Radius Search, you have to make sure that the entity is geotagged. Please check out the article "How to Geotag Locations" for the steps.

Here's how you can use the Radius Search:
1. Click the Advanced Search Options
2. Select Candidates
3. Click the Hamburger Filter button

4. Scroll down to access the Radius Search section

Fill in the field indicators of the Radius search which are:
a. Distance
b. Unit
c. Location Type
d. Location

If you want a more specific search, you can change the Location Type field from "Any Location" to "Job Location" and it will give you an extra field for "Job Title".

Then hit "Search" to get the results. Check out the result in Table view:

Or in Google Maps view by enabling the "Show Search Results in Map View"

With this view, you can drag the candidate icon and drop it to the pin suggestions to show the vicinal view of the map:

Note: Contacts, Companies, and Jobs will search for work locations and the option to Show search results in Map View is only available for Candidates and Applications Radius Search.

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