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Boolean Search Operator: OR
Boolean Search Operator: OR

How does the OR operator work?

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The OR operator offers flexible inclusion, and typically broadens your search results.

Many people incorrectly think the Boolean OR operator is an either/or operator, when in fact it is not.

The OR operator is technically interpreted as “at least one is required, more than one or all can be returned.”. 

🔥Example: Java AND Oracle AND SQL AND AJAX AND (apache OR weblogic OR websphere)

The returned results must mention at least one of the following: apache, weblogic, websphere. 

The best ways to use OR statements are:

  1. To think of all of the alternate ways a particular skill or technology can be expressed, e.g., (HRBP or HR Business Partner or Human Resources Business Parter)

  2. To search for a list of desired skills where you would be pleased if a candidate had experience with at least one, e.g., (apache OR linux OR mysql).

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