When setting up an immediate or scheduled export, there are 3 options for how to receive the export:

  • To Export/Download list

  • Transfer file to SFTP

  • Send file through Email

To Export/Download list

To choose this method, simply select this option:

To view, go to the Export/Download list

Here you will see a list of the downloaded exports, their status, and will be able to remove any which are expired.

Note: Downloads automatically expire after 30 days - at this point you can re-download them.

Transfer file to SFTP

If your company has an SFTP network already set up, you can use this to transfer the files. Just complete the details of the SFTP here:

Please speak to your IT team for further assistance on setting up an SFTP network.

Send file through email

To send my email, you need to enter a valid email address, subject, and message:

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